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Rollout is a drawing management software platform built for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals. We make it easy to keep everyone on your project in touch and up-to-date. At Rollout, our standard of Exceptional Drawing Management means providing services that minimize the time you spend worrying about details, so you can focus on the work you care about most.

Understanding the Problem

1% of construction costs in the U.S. are attributed to rework due to outdated drawings. By the way, that is $9 Billion. On a typical construction project of $10M, firms incur $100K in rework. Not to mention about $3,500 in reprographic printing costs. This is money out of your pocket all because outdated drawings, and outdated drawing management software tools.

Our Solution

Rollout is more than just another cloud storage provider; it is more than just another cloud-based drawing management application. Rollout provides three pillars of value that will revolutionize how you go about managing your construction drawings and documents:

  • 1. Sheet Management
  • 2. Intelligent Markups
  • 3. Social Collaboration

Sheet Management

How do you make sure you and your team are working off the most recent drawings?

Rollout takes care of that by utilizing dedicated slots for each sheet. Simply drag and drop your new sheet revision onto the sheet icon, and the latest revision will open the next time the sheet icon is clicked. Rollout makes it simple to see how many revisions there are for each sheet and to toggle back and forth between old and new revisions for quick reference.

Intelligent Markups

With Rollout, making and sharing markups is an intuitive experience. Whenever you make a markup, we automatically attach data to it such as who made it and when. With this information, you can easily pull up only the markups you want to see on that sheet.

Additionally, you can turn on markups made by other team members for better communication and to track markup history, so you spend less time pointing fingers, and more time building. What about when new revisions come out? No problem. Old markups can be viewed on new revisions, so you don’t lose your work.

Photos? Absolutely! Take photos with your mobile device and instantly post them on the drawing. With Rollout, you can also filter markups by user, date, and what revision they were made on.

And, best of all, you can easily label markup with types such as Punch List, RFI, ASI and more. Just like that, you have a traceable action item for your team and it is attached directly to your markup on the sheet.

Social Collaboration

Rollout acts like a social media application for work where every user has a perpetual account allowing for lightning fast communication & collaboration.

You can tag users in your markups, so everybody who needs to know about an issue sees it. When a user is tagged, Rollout sends them a notification to directly hyperlink them to your markup.

Rollout also provides a comment stream for each markup. Imagine all users from all companies involved tapping into one central location for seamless collaboration. Saving you from tracking multiple long and convoluted email conversations.

In Rollout, you can search the database of users to invite them to your project and make sure they get notified when a new revision is issued.

Who We Are

Rollout was built by, and for, AEC professionals like you. We listened to industry advisors such as Austin Commercial, the Beck Group, Hunt Construction, Mycon General Contractors, Mario Sinacola Companies, Rogers-O’Brien, Turner, Webber, among many others. Rollout was developed based on the feedback we received from these and other industry advisors.

Rollout’s founder, Matt Hinson, is a veteran of the industry. We know the pain and effort that currently goes into keeping your team up to date. And we know the consequences that come when outdated systems and methods in construction drawing management fail.

With margins between 2–3% and intense competition among construction firms to get that project bid, it is time to roll out into the future with a technology that adds value, not just revenue, to your firm. For more information, please contact us here.

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