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Construction, Drawing Management and Beyond

Construction Software: What Is Document Management and Drawing Management?

And how can you leverage these services to enhance your business?

“Being a Luddite In the Construction Industry Is No Longer an Option.”

With new innovations in technology, and lower prices, the time to buy in is now

The Future of Cloud Services

Cloud storage was a game changer in the construction world, but what's next?

The Old Estimator’s Toolbox | Volume 1

Ever wondered what front-end loading is? While researching, I quickly realized that there isn’t much information about construction estimating and bidding… I am talking about the stuff you don’t really learn in school.

Social Media in Construction

Social media has revolutionized many industries. What effect can it have in the construction industry?

Construction Industry in the Cloud

Can your firm capitalize from a move to the cloud?

Deciding to Rent or Buy

Are You Paying over $1,000 Dollars A Month to Rent a One-Bedroom Apartment? Read This.

How to Welcome Your Mondays

How about we welcome our Mondays with a smile/laugh? After all, it could be worse!

The Secrets of Face-to-Face Interaction

Living in the virtual age is great, but technology is not the best way to connect. See our overview of the 2015 Hard Hat Expo and how Face-to-Face connections can lead to rich, business relationships.

Ever Wondered How to Work With TxDOT?

A relationship with TxDOT can mean huge gains for your construction firm.

What do you need to know in order to capitalize?