After meeting with hundreds of Architects, Engineers, and Contractors, Rollout offers what you asked for:
Pay Per Project
Unlimited Storage
All Features
No User Licenses
No Sheet Limit
Pay extra for advanced features

Price Your Project

Number of Users :
Think that you’d need more users later? No Worries!
This will be your Price per User / Month for each project:
More than 200 users in a project? Please call us! @ 214-856-0093. We will make sure you get the best deal.


Storage (# of Sheets)
Upload as many sheets as you need. Period.
Use Rollout on your desktop and laptop. iOS & Android(coming soon).
Sheet Management
View, manage, and keep up with the latest drawings 100% of the time
Filter Markups
Keep track of thousands of markups by date, time, and team member with one simple click (without versioning issues).
Tag Sheets
Create tags to find the sheets you need quicker (Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing, etc.).

You can also tag sheets as private or public (only certain people can view those sheets).

Track Revisions
Keep up with new revisions seamlessly. It is as simple as clicking a button.
Social Collaboration
Communicate about issues by tagging team members when you make a new markup or when new addenda is uploaded. (No more emails!)
Live Support
Have a question? Just call us! Phone support is included.

Explore Your Savings

Project Cost

Project Duration (Months)

Project paper Blueprints Budget

# Team members on this Project

Time Savings
${{ size*hoursPerDay*avgSal*duration*month | number : 0}}
Paper Savings
${{budget*.5| number : 0}}
Rework Savings
${{cost*rework | number : 0}}
Total Project Savings (Approximately)
${{(size*hoursPerDay*avgSal*duration*month )+ (budget*.5)+ (cost*rework) | number : 0}}

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do You Offer an Enterprise Plan??
Yes, we do have an Enterprise plan. Otherwise, we do not offer pricing plans. Simply, pick the number of users you need for your next project and enjoy ALL features. There are no surprises and no complicated list of features that cost extra.
2. What If I Need to Add More Users to the Project?
You can add users anytime by signing in and changing your subscription settings. Simply, go to your profile and click on “subscription settings.” Then, click on “Add More Users.” The cost is just $5 per user / month per project for each extra user that you add.
3. Unlimited Storage? What’s the Catch?
You may upload as many PDF sheet drawings as you need. If we detect a deliberate abuse of this, we reserve the right to suspend your account.
4. Do I Have to Sign a Long-term Contract?
There are No contracts. No gimmicks. Just Pay-as-you-go and cancel at any time.

Note: You may pay annually and get a discounted rate. Please call us at 214-856-0093.

5. What About Security?
  • For Access? Rollout employs multiple permission levels for different user types. Thus, you can control how much information each user can see.
  • For Data Security? Rollout is secured by Entrust® which offers banking Security Socket Layer (SSL) level protection. Entrust has been at the forefront of the identity-based digital information security market for nearly two decades. Our identity-based data security solutions secure governments, enterprises and financial institutions in more than 5,000 organizations spanning 85 countries.

More Questions?

Give us a call! @ 214-856-0093 We can help you!